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Our Privacy Policy

EdenWorkSpace respects privacy. As such we have tried to create a very simple Privacy policy.

By browsing / using this website you Accept these & future Privacy Policy + Terms and Conditions regardless of reading them. Should you at any point in time not agree with our Privacy policy and or other related website technology / legal requirements you are free to leave the website.


The only information we collect to our knowledge is as follows:

  1. Should you signup to our Newsletter we collect your First-name and email address via Mailchimp API.
    1. If you do not trust Mailchimp, then please do not signup to our newsletter.
    2. To see Mailchimp legal & privacy info here –
  2. Should you send us a email using our Contact page form, please note: we do not use your email address for our newsletter without your consent. We only use the information you provide to answer your query via a return email.
  3. We use ReCAPTCHA to protect our contact us form against spam bots and this is a automated service provided by Google
    1. If you do not trust Google then please do not send us a contact us query via the website but rather make use of our email address directly using your preferred email client.
    2. To see Google’s Privacy Policy –
    3. To see Google’s Terms
  4. Cookies are likely used to maintain your session and are part of the web frameworks used. None of these are used by us actively and are merely part of the existing web framework we use. We do not actively monitor or look into this data. You are basically unknown to us until you send us a email, contact us form query, signup to our newsletter or give us a call.
    1. Google Analytics & other common 3rd party tools likely stores cookies in order to better identify unique / returning users, this is common place and we use this for anonymous SEO improvements like all web related companies do. We are not able to tell who specifically viewed our website, nor do we care to.
    2. Cookies are stored on your computer in a temporarily folder (location is dependent on the Web Browser you use). As such you have full control and the ability to remove cookies from your browser/computer/phone or similar device at any point in time. Browsers usually offer a feature where you can remove cached data and cookies or you can make use of a external tool. We take no responsibility for the removal of such data and or the usage of such external tools.
  5. Google Analytics is used for us to improve our website, see Googles Privacy Policy for further information. This is also used in conjunction with Google Search Console, Rank Math and other SEO tools that assist our site is placing favorably in Google search ranking to reach our customers.
  6. CDN – we make use of a CDN to improve the delivery speed of the website text, and images.
    1. To see Cloudflare’s Privacy Policy –


Your Private information:

  1. For all of the above mentioned technologies and potential future additions, we do not sell any data collected and respect your privacy.
  2. This site is not a transactional site and as such doesn’t collect any such information pertaining to financial transactions.
  3. This site uses HTTPS to encrypt traffic sent to you.
  4. As the technologies and practices provided by common services such as Google Analytics change over time and are beyond the scope of our understanding and control we cannot elaborate on what the practices are these companies are or how they use your information nor can / do we take responsibility for their actions on this or other websites your browse. Should you wish to know more on how these tools such as Google Analytics work please contact a IT company or pose said query to them directly.
  5. We take no responsibility for your browser settings and if for example you do not want cookies to be saved by websites technologies that make use of this feature, you could use a browser that either allows you to switch off cookies or a browser plugin that allows you to disable Cookies / JavaScript and or Cookies storage in general. This will likely result in a poor web experience on most modern websites, but we believe your privacy and security requirements should be and are in your hands.
  6. By using our website you are aware of POPIA and give us consent to contact you should you make contact with us. As not to duplicate information and fatten up our PP / T&C’s see what POPIA compliance we subscribe to here –
  7. This website does not use comments or discussions technologies.
  8. This site offers Workspace in South Africa, Cape Town and as such is not targeted or applicable to international web browsers outside of this location. As such Privacy Laws and other legal requirements are not applicable.

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